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  • Visit Split (Croatia) and stay in Veig Palace Apartments****

If You ever decide to visit our beautiful town, stay at "Veig Palace" apartments and we will help You to enjoy Your holidays.
We offer accommodation in two (twin) comfortable, modern and new four star studio apartments for two people, in the heart of the city. Both suites are air-conditioned, two-floors and a shared courtyard. Make sure to look at the apartment pictures in the gallery, and contact us to make Your reservations.
All the necessary informations about prices and reservations You can find in "CONTACT" tab.

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  • Shortly about Split

Split is Croatia’s second largest city, with about 200,000 people.  It’s world-famous as the site of where Emperor Diocletian built his famous retirement palace around 298AD, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The palace, actually a walled compound for the Emperor’s family and army retinue, is still home to more than 3,000 people and is an amazing tapestry of almost two thousand years of history. Alive with shops, ancient alleys, dramatic architecture as well as locals hanging their wash and haggling over the price of fruit, the open-air palace is not to be missed.   

split1          palaca

                                       Panorama of Split                                          Panorama of Diocletian Palace

The history of Split starts in 6th century BC when Greek colony was taken by Roman Empire and it got Latin name “Spalato”. In 4th century AC Roman emperor Diocletian have built famous Diocletian palace which became a core of medieval and modern city. In 7th century AC Spalato was taken by Croatian Slavic invaders coming form Eastern Europe. From that period Latin city Spalato became Croatian city with Slavic name Split and it had preserved from centuries to come Roman – Slavic cultural mix and Croatian identity. City its self is also economical center of southern Croatia and Dalmatia County.

      duje   peristil   plaze

     Cathedral Saint Dujam                          Peristil                                                   Beach (Žnjan)

With around  2620 sunny hours in year Split is the third  sunniest city in Croatia. Nowadays, Split  is second largest city in Croatia and it is the largest port in Adriatic Sea. Split is economic, historical, tourist, transit, administrative and educational center of Mediterranean part of Croatia. With 14 km of clean beaches, unique life style, preserved history and various private accommodation city is just ideal location to enjoy your holidays.

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